WInter Games Stars

The winter Olympic stars shine through with a lot of sex appeal this year and those stars are showing it off more than ever.  Fox news had a story on this click here to read the entire story.  I think a lot of this comes from the fact that you have a group of young people that are in amazing shape….combine that with with the selfie and the sharing of yourself on all the social media and it is really no shock to me that you have a lot of the “sexy” stars that do not mind showing it off.  No web site has asked me to pose…no magazine has asked me either….for some reason they think that viewers are important and passed on me.  You will see a lot of the Winter Games stars in these.

Julia Mancuso won the Bronze Medal in the Womens Alpine Skiing posed in the February issue of GQ click here to see her photos

Click Here to see Snow Boarder Hannah Teter in SI.