Mo State Pen-Haunted

Several people including a lot of the “Ghost Shows” believe the Mo State Pen in Jeff City is Haunted.  This was the old Mo Pen and many of the Paranormal Shows have done features on it.  I was not with this crew that did an investigation of the Pen but I have gone with Paranormal teams before.  Some teams are much better than others but odd things do seem to happen in that old Pen.  Everyone and his brother is a Paranormal Team now so please keep that in mind.  I was not with these people but I do not believe anyone has staged anything you see on these videos.  The team that I have been with try to find logical reasons for “Ghost” that people think they see or hear.  Click on the video to see for yourself

This is what is called a “ghost Box” what you do is to use something similiar to a scan radio and listen for a response between the radio signals you pick up.  Be carefull sometimes you will get an answer to your questions.

Watch this video for yourself.  This is video for a window that opens and closes in a room with nobody in it