Casey Kasem the end is near

The most famous DJ in the World Casey Kasem is in the final stages of life.  His daughter Keri Kasem had stopped food, water and medicine because doctors said it was painful for him to get those things.  A court has now ordered that he shall receive food, water and medicine.  His health has led to legal fights between the kids and his current wife.  I hate to see that for any family.  Casey is known best for his American Top 40 Countdown Show one of the first nationwide shows of any countdown for radio.

He got his start doing nights and the GM came into the studio one night and told him he needed to do something with his show.  He told the GM he was doing a request and dedication show….the GM says no do a countdown show.  Casey said Countdown what…the GM took a BIllboard Magazine out of the trash and said….Count this down.  Casey thought that was the dumbest idea for a show but went with it.  That would lead to one of the biggest radio careers in the world.

When you work in radio the public develops an image of you.   For Casey that was the all American slice of apple pie guy.  WIth that said when you mess up even nice guys will let the F bomb fly.  Click on the link to hear some bloopers from an American Radio Legend.