Garth Brooks to make Announcement Thursday

Garth Brooks was the biggest country singer in the world in the 90’s.  He plans a series of shows this year.  The thing about him that I have always respected is his love of the average joe.  This is a guy that at the height of his career in the 90’s booked his band in to a club.  Club owner thought he had hired a Garth Brooks Tribute band called Ukon Jack…couple songs in he announced I am Garth Brooks and played the club.  The guy passed on a much larger cocnert vernue to play the smaller club.  He would perform entire concerts from the nose bleed section of a concert because he believed the people that sat in the nose bleed section are his true fans.  He would reserve the first several rows at his later shows for the most excited fans no matter how much money they had spent to see him in concert.  He says he borrowed a lot of his stage influence from KISS so he even had a Tribute album he made for them called KISS my Ass.  This is Garth performing a song from the album with members on KISS several years ago.