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Crazy Friends on Facebook

On my Cave Facebook Page I got a messsage from a lady who wanted me to remove her from my friend list because she and her friends do not like "Porn".  The photo that got her so mad was one that I had shared from one of my friends on Facebook.  In the post....I put....Wow...look at all the shares on this photo....people must really like horses.......girl is standing next to the horse in the photo....I do agree with her that you should not be posting hardcore porn on this age you can google and find just about anything so why post it on Facebook....mine was meant to be a joke....if you can not take a joke you probably have other issues and that is why you are a person that complains about post.  This is the photo that I made the joke about from my Facebook page.  I did not take the photo...I do not own the photo.  I am just reposting it here to show everyone what photo I am talking about that I shared on my facebook page.   

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10/02/2012 7:58AM
Crazy Friends on Facebook
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10/16/2012 5:29AM
Some people aren't happy unless they have something to complain about. Good news John! You and I can remain friends.
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