Mike The Intern's Record Collection

I love records. I love records so much that my collection takes up a huge portion of my house. So I decided to have a show every month called "Mike The Intern's Record Collection".

Join me every Saturday night at 10 pm and I will feature a different record, play the actual vinyl from my collection, feature interviews with the band, and facts about the album!

Deep Purple "Machine Head"

September 22nd
Click on album to hear it in its entirety

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11/14/2012 10:13AM
Deep Purple "Machine Head"
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12/13/2012 10:51PM
Machine Head
I remember driving from Joplin to KansasCity to see ZZ Top's World Wide Texas Tour in my '73 Nova SS with 3 speed in the floor. We where headed North on hiway 43; goin the backway to avoid MHP. We had an eight trac and cassette stereo with Jenson Speaker Boxes in the back. Remember jammin to this 8 trac tape cranked up with the windows down on a Summer Day! Great Memories.....
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