Helen Fitzgerald's Bikini Contest September 27th in St Louis
Some photos from the bikini contest at Helen Fitzgerald's in St Louis.  Photos by Roland Hauhe. 
Girl in Green with rockin Booty
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Girl in Green Bikini Rocks Stage

Blonde in Purple Bikini

Girl in Green with rockin Booty

Two Girls Pose at the Contest

Top Three in the Contest

Girls on the Stage

She love the Black Dress

U can wear white after labor day

Strike Pose on the Stage

Girl in Blue on the Stage

Girl in Blue with Beads

Girl in White Dances on Stage

Line of the Girls on Stage

One of the Contestants poses with Crowd

One of the winners

Girls dancing on stage after contest

Girls after the contest dance

Seems like the most fun was after the contest

On stage after the contest

Becka Jean from our own bike show

Girl in purple in the contest

Girls in line on stage

Girl in White ready for the stage

Becka Jean at the Contest

She is leaving the stage

Girl with her beads

Girl in Green Bikini

Group of Girls pose at contest

Girl in Blue Bikini

Girl in Green Bikini

She had a sexy dress

The Little Black Dress always in Style

Girl in Green Bikini

Girl in Green Bikini on Stage

Becka Jean on Stage in Black

Girl in Green Bikini Answers Questions

Girl in Black Dress

The Girls on Stage after the Contest

Girls talking after the Contest

She is ready for the Question

Evening Wear part in Jeans

She makes her way on Stage

Pink Bikini

Becka Jean Booty Shot

She is ready any questions

Girl in Green leaving the stage

She had a great time

These girls know how to party

Girls love to Dance

Girls on stage following the contest

Leaving the stage

They are waiting for results

Girls on stage

In line at the end of the contest

Girl in Purple with beads

Girls Laughing at the contest

Proud on stage

Girl in White Bikini

Rockin in the Black Dress

Girls talk on stage after the contest

Contestants on stage

Reaching out to another girl

Stephanie Manning in Greet Bikini

She is ready for the stage

Girl in white moves on stage

Blonde in Blue Blows a kiss

Big Smile on Stage

Girl in Green having good time

Walks out on stage

She showing off Jeans for evening wear

Girl in the Green

Helen Fitzgeralds Bikini Contest



Girl in Blue with the Beads

Girl in White with Beads on Stage

Girl in Blue with Beads on Stage

Girl in White Bikini on Stage

Becka Jean with Beads on Stage

Becka Jean Gets pic taken with the Crowd


Girl in Green with Beads

Girls Party on Stage after Contest

Blonde walks out on stage

Girls Dance it up

Becka Jean Poses


Becka Jean Poses on Stage Evening Wear

Ready for the Questions



Winner with Flowers

She took the Mic

She loves her beer

Becka Jean on stage

Girls on Stage after the contest

Girl in White leaving the stage

These are girls that love to dance it up


Girl in pink bikini on stage

Becka Jean Poses on the Stage at Contest

Becka Jean in Black at the Contest

Becka Jean in the Green Bikini on Stage

Purple Bikini Girl

Becka Jean Poses with a Fan

Becka Jean in Black Bikini on Stage

Cool Green Dress

These Girls love to Dance

Girl in Green Bikini Dances at Contest

Girl in White Bikini Walks on Stage

Three Girls on Stage at Contest

Blonde in Dress on Stage