Hooter Bikini Contest In OK
This was the regional bikini contest for Arkansa and Oklahoma for Hooters.  Some of the girls from Springfield competed in the contest.  Rachel from the Springfield Store won the overall contest and that means she is off to the Hooters Bikini Contest in Vegas!!!  Special thanks for the amazing photos from Chuck at Ephoto.  Chuck always does outstanding work.
Rachel Ready to Serve
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Never saw a Malt shop with service like this.

Rachel First Place Winner

Rachel from Hooters in Springfield

Group shot of the girls

Rachel gets flowers







Libby works the Crowd

Rachel and the girls in line


Rachel looks to the crowd

Rachel take the mic during the contest

Jaclyn in Contume at the Contest

Libby Waves to the Crowd

Rachel on Stage

Jaclyn is a Cowgirl

Jaclyn is armed

Kenzie Ready to Play Ball

Big Smile from Kenzie

Cowboy Up...Jaclyn

Rachel walks the Stage

Kenzie on Stage

Sabrina looks at the Crowd


Sabrina on the Stage

Smile from Sabrina







Jaclyn on Stage

Jaclyn in Black Bikini

Smile from Jaclyn


Libby on Stage

Libby Looks to the Crowd

Here is Libby

Libby Walks down the Stage

Libby knows how to enter a room

Kenzie in Black Bikini

Sabrina laughs it up

Sabrina on the Stage

Thi sis Sabrina

Sabrina walks down the stage

Sabrina on the Mic at the Contest

Rachel looks to the Crowd

Rachel on Stage in the Blue

Rachel rocks the contest

Rachel walks in the Blue Bikini

Here Comes Rachel

Rachel on the Mic at the Contest



Jaclyn in Yellow

Jaclyn in the Yellow Bikini

This is Jaclyn in yellow

Jaclyn on the Stage

Jaclyn on the Mic

Libbi in the Blue

Libbi with Big Smile

This is Libbi

Libbi Comes down the Stage

Libbi on the stage at the Contest

Libbi on the Mic at the Contest

Libbi knows how to run the room

Kenzie in the Red

Kenzie in the Red Bikini

Jaclyn ready with Pizza

Jaclyn is Pizza Girl

Jaclyn arrives with Pizza for everyone

Jaclyn Pizza Girl

Did you order a Pizza

Rachel in the Skirt

Rachel Ready to Serve


Rachel in black

Libbi Die Hard Cards Fan

Libbi with her Baseball Outfit

Libbi flys her team colors

Libbi in her Baseball Outfit

Libbi Loves Her Team