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Posts from February 2013

Miss Teen Delaware USA Resigns
Miss Teen Delaware USA has resgined after a Sex Tape Came out on the Internet that features a girl that claims to be her.  She says it is not her.  If it is not you...why resgin get a lawyer and sue the people claiming to be you into the stone age.  That is what I would do...but then again if I had a sex tape nobody would believe it or want to see it so no online porn company would have any interest in that.  Below is video of her winning the crown this is not the tape that claims to be her.

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Mr Spock Sings
I have always been a fan of Star Trek.  This is rare video of Leonard Nimoy (Spock) sings a song during the 60's the guy looks weird with normal ears

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TNA Knockout Wrestling
Ok it is no secret that the driving force behind TNA knockout wrestling is good looking gals in little outfits.  With that said those gals are just mean.  Women fight much more for blood than a guys fight.  If you have never seen this before check out this video I found and see how these gals really try to kill each other in the ring

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Autofest at the Fairgrounds
Had a great time at Autofest this past weekend at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds.  Always love to see the cars because no two are just a like.  Click on the photo to see all the pics I took at Autofest this year.
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Super Bowl Ads
Well the Super Bowl is one event know for the ads as much as the game.  This is one of the most talked about commercials from the game this year.  This is for Go Daddy features Super Model Bar Refaeli and a nerdy guy.  When this ad came up during the game I thought that is the worst ad in the entire thing. has been one of the most talked about ads in the entire
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