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Posts from August 2013

Lauren Silverman was cause of Cowell/Electra Split
Lauren Silverman is now divorced and her ex-husband says that the relationship she was having at the time with Simon Cowell is what caused the break up of Cowell and Carmen Electra......ahhh....yeah.....if another mans wife is going to have your baby then it is a safe bet that the relationship you were in at the time is headed south.  Click here to read the full story.

A photo of Carmen Electra Simons ex

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Rodeo Clown Banned For Life From State Fair
A Rodeo Clown has now been Banned for Life from the Missouri State Fair after an event this weekend.  He put on a President Obama Mask and made some remarks inside the Bull Ring.   I have been told that he did some bull fighting years ago at "Cowboys 2000" here in Springfield.  The fighters name is Tuffy and he has actually had a huge swell of support following his national exposure on CNN and other national sites.  Click here to see his Facebook Page.  For me I do not understand why people are putting so much stock in anything that a rodeo clown says.  This is a guy who makes his living getting in the ring with a huge bull and getting the bull to chase him....all these guys have to be a little off center to do that.

The President of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association has resigned after the incident.  KSPR is reporting
An attorney for Boonville School Superintendent Mark Ficken said Tuesday that his client resigned from the rodeo association to protest its response to the Saturday incident.
Ficken was the rodeo announcer.

Click Here to Read the Complete Story From KSPR

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Pop the Question
Ok we have all seen the Marriage Proposals at Baseball games....check this one out...she says NO

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Mr Rogers on set of Incredible Hulk
Growing up I was a huge fan of the TV show the Incredible Hulk.  This is a real very cool video of Mr Rogers on the set of the Show the Incredible Hulk

My favorite episodes of the show was the two part series "The First"  which featured a "Hulk" from the 50's a much smaller Hulk.  Click on the link to see the trailer from that show that was a two part episode.

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