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Posts from September 2013

Friends Car made the Video
A friend of mine's car made the video.  He is going with the car this weekend at the Street Machine Nationals.  Click on the video

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Dad Wears Short Shorts
Myley MacKintosh like a lot of young girls liked to wear shorts that her dad did not like for her to wear.  So dad set out to teach her a lesson and he wore a set of shorts like hers.  Click here to read the entire story from yahoo.  Since he did this and became famous for his short shorts dad says she dresses a little bit better

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I will never forget watching the today show and seeing the second plane hit  the tower in New York.  I was working here at the Cave that day and it is one day I will never forget.  Click on the link  and see the video of the news coverage from that day

This is video of the networks breaking in to cover the story that day

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Katherine Webb in Hardees Commercial
Well a sure sign that you are a "hottie" is to be featured in a Hardees Commercial.  Katherine Webb the girl that became famous after the announcers at a Football Game Last year went on and on about her has now done that.  Her Commercial will be out soon!.  Here are some images of her from SI  click here to see all them from SI

These are some of the past Hardees Commercials.  I would say she will do very well.

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Robin Thicke makes out with groupie at VMA
Robin Thcike known for his song "Blurred Lines" was seen grabbing the butt of a groupie at the VMA's.  Lana Scolaro is 20 years old she says he did more than that.  She says they made out just feet away from his wife at the VMA's.  She also says that he said...something are so young I have to get you in bed.......WOW....If I did something like that near my wife the blurred lines would lead to a black eye....for me

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