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Posts from October 2013

This is what Miley Cyrus is for Halloween
This year Miley Cyrus is on of the most popular Halloween Costumes.  The Real
Miley is going as Lil Kim  click here to read the story from Fox News.  In true
MIley form she tweeted photos of her costume for everyone to check out.

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Star Wars Bloopers Came out
Star Wars Bloopers have made it to you tube from the original movie.  Click on the video below to see these.  In the age of computer done movies you have to really give these guys credit for the movie they made in the late 70's

When they filmed Star Wars the Actor that played Vader did the lines.  Listen to his voice as compaired to the Darth that we would know from the Jones voice overs in all the films

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Great Commercial
Ok...this is just a funny commercial

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Wingapalooza is coming
Wingapalooza is coming to the Expo Center this Saturday November 2nd. Text Winga to 64636 to enter
to win tickets.  We will be doing a signing with the Two Sprignfield Hooters Girls that made the
2014 Hooters Calendar.  Click on the photo below to see photos from last years Winga event which also
featured the girls doing a Calendar Signing.

Winga 2012

Winga 2011

Winga 2010

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Hidden Camera Lifeguard Stunt
This is pretty good.  Love the Hidden Lifeguard Stunt

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Halloween Hotties by Ephoto
Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  My friend Chuck at Ephoto always does outstanding work.  Thought I would share some of his Halloween Hotties.  Click on the photo to see all the Halloween Hotties by Ephoto.

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Katherine Webb in Hardees Commerical
Katherine Webb is in the new Hardees Commercial.  It was on the other night during the Cardinals game.  Here it is if you have not had a chance to see it yet.

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Libbi in the October Calendar
Libbi who worked at the Hooters in Springfield for several years is featured in the Big St Charles Motorsports Calendar this month.  This is her cover photo.  Libbi was also in the hometown Hottie contest click on the photo to see more of Libbi

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Teacher Fired for Posing for Playboy when she was in College
Cristy Nicole Deweese was a Spanish Teacher in Texas that was fired earlier this month because she posed for Playboy while in College.  Playboy has come out in support of her.  The School said they fired her because her past was a distraction with kids looking at her pictures on their phones.  If kids can look at any pictures on phones during school....that is the cause of distraction.  I think what she did in the past was in the past.  There is a difference if she posed now as a teacher than posing as a college student.  Click here to read the story.

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Ride Hard Magazine Video
The Crew from Ride Hard Magazine are outstanding people.  They came to our bike show last year.  Thought I would share this video.  Not from our show but from some of the "Work" they do.  Great group of people

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