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Posts from December 2013

A Very Biker Christmas
You know the bikers do so much for us all year I thought I would share a funny video.  This is called a biker Christmas

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Holiday Hotties from Ephoto
Check out the holiday photos from Ephoto.  Click here to become a fan on Facebook.

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Great Buns Commercial
This was a pretty funny ad for Hardees in our area that I caught during the Chiefs game.  Carl's JR/Hardees is the same company and they have ads that you do remember.  Click on the video if you have not had a chance to see "Great Buns"

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Coach Barry Hinson at it again

He was the Coach several years ago for MSU and now at Southern Illinois.....Barry Hinson says the funniest things.  You love him or hate him but he is Coach Hinson.  Click on the video to see it for yourself
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Today Show gets heat for Fake Sign Language Bit
The Today show had a story about the fake sign language at Mandelas Memorial.  On the the shows producers put up a window of himself mocking the fake sign language.  Now the today show is getting grief over the bit

I also do not understand why the President would take a "Selfie" at the Funeral.  You are the leader of the free world at a funeral for a major world leader.  You are suppose to leave these kind of dumb mistakes to the VP.  Click on the "Selfie" to read the story from fox news.

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Victoria Secret Fashion Show
The Victoria Secret Fashion show is tonight at 9:00 PM on KOLR 10.  I think you really have to give it to them....these guys have built an empire selling guys $1 worth of material for $60.

Click on the video to see last years fashion show

This is the 2011 Fashion Show

The 2010 Fashion Show


The 2009 Fashion Show


The 2008 Fashion Show

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