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Posts from January 2014

This years Super Bowl Ads
If you want to get most of the great Super Bowl Ads Click Here Yahoo has done an amazing job getting them all in one place.
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Porn Star Ron Jeremy "Wrecking Ball Video"
Porn Star Ron Jeremy has his own Parody version of "Wrecking Ball".  Click on the video to see for yourself. I hope he does not do a version where he is the "Blurred Lines" Girl.

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Axe Super Bowl Commercial
Super Bowl is the biggest Ad War of the year.  This year Axe is going away from Sex in favor of sweat......

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Blurred Lines Video Girl in SI Swimsuit
The famous "Blurred Lines" Video girl is in the 50th anniversary issue of the SI swimsuit that is out on February 11th.
She has been the hottest thing of the summer.  She has been in lots of shows.  Funny thing is she is famous for
the unrated version of the video where she is naked....that means for the first time someone has to put clothes on to be
in the issue

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Wide Open Bike Show in KC 2014
Got a chance to go to the Wide Open Motorcycle Show in Kansas City over the weekend
click on the photo to see the pics from the show!

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American Boomerang New Book
If you think men are now whimps......Author Nick Adams has a new Book about that called American Boomerang. 
He talks about how guys are nust not guys anymore.  "Whimps and Wussies Deliver Mediocrity and Men Win"
Click on the video to see him talking about his new book

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Reuben Kincaid from Partridge Family DIes
Dave Madden who played Reuben Kincaid on the Partidge Family has died at age 82 of Heart Failure. This on the same day that the Professor on Gilligans Island dies at 89.  Not a good day for old TV show actors.  Of course the shows we have now do not last long enough for anyone to remember who is on what show...................


The Professor and Mary Ann are both left out of the early shows theme songs....check this out they are just "the rest"
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