John Photos at lake
Some photos John Took
Alexis standing by the pool
Photo 49 of 60

Alexis in blue bikini

Amber smiles

Whitney Smiles by the Water

Amber with Boat

Bonnie Sitting by the pool

Angel Ray on the Rocks

Amber Smiles on the Dock

Amber on the Dock

Whitney Flips the Hair

Whitney Crawls out of the Water

Linzy Anna sits by the pool


Linzy looks over shoulder

Bonnie Standing two_2

Bonnie Chair_2

Bonnie Standing

Alexis in Cave Shirt

Ashley in a Cave Shirt

Alexis wearing a Cave Shirt

Ashley in Pink Bikini

Alexis wears new Cave Shirt

Ashley showing she is a heartbreaker

Natasha on the Dock

Alexis takes a break

Natasha lies on the dock

Alexis has a seat

- Image 23

Tina in a chair

Natasha Rocks

Ashley posed on the rocks

Laura on the rocks

Laura with smile

Ashley by the water

Ashley looking over her shoulder

Ashley with her hands in her hair

Laura in Black and White

Ashley in the water by the bridge

Amber leans on the tree

Amber in the swing

Angel Rae posed on the rocks

Ashley with the bridge

Amber looking over her shoulder

Angel in a swing

Angel Rae plays in the swing

Ashley with a smile

Angel sitting in the swing

The look from Angel

Ashley lies by the pool

Alexis standing by the pool

Alexis posed by the pool


Heidi looking over her shoulder

Kory getting out of the water

Kory looking over her shoulder

Heidi ready for a swim

Heidi by the pool

Ashley in the water

Big Smile from Heidi

Heidi sitting by the pool