Winga 2012
This year for Winga we partnered with Hooters.  Jessica and Rachel from Hooters in Springfield made the 2013 Hooters Calendar and they signed autographs and special photos for everyone at Winga.  Great time as always with the Springfield Sertoma Club
Great Crowd at Winga
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Jessica and Rachel 2013 Hooters Calendar Girls

Winga Mascot with the Calendar Girls

Jessica and Rachel Show of their Photos

Winga Mascot gets kisses from Calendar Girls

Jessica & Rachel Hooters Calendar Girls

Entire Hooters Team at Winga

Dublins Pass Crew

Galloway Station Team

Bogo Fetch Girls Enjoy Wings

Winners Last year Big Whiskey's

Winga Crowd Shot from the Air

Hooters Girls in Miller Hats

Full Dublins Booth

Hooter Dudes Who Knew

Harbells Sports Bar Booth

Great Rod in Wing Shack booth

Kevin Lighty Gets Hooterized at Winga

Rachel Big Smile

Midnight Rodeo Crew

Jessica and Rachel take a break from Signing

Miller Hats on Hooters Girls

Old Chicago

Check out the Crowd at Winga

Big Smile from Calendar Girls

Little Boy Likes Rachel

Jessica Laughing with fans

Winga Early Crowd Shot

Two Hooters Girls Ready for the Crowd

Wing Shack Booth another Photojpg

Winga Mascot with Hooters Girl

Wing Shack Ready to Serve

Team Hooter Meets Before Winga Opens

They Love Pink

Winga Air Crowd Shot Two

Two Hooters Girls Laugh it up

Winga Voting Booth

Winga Crowd loves wings

The Calendar Girls Sign

Winga Crowd Air Shot Three

Wings and Beer Make the News

Wing Shack Crew

Winga Crowd photo

Trike Course Set up

She can not believe she just signed this guy

The Wing Shack

Signed Shirtless Guy with the Hooters Girls

The Guys wanted a pic with the Hooters girls

These People Love Wings

The Fusion Guys

They wanted a pic with the Calendar Girls

The Girls Sign under the tent

The Crowd at Winga

The Girls Were Pretty Popular

Talking with the Calendar Girls

This guy loves to be signed

The Crowd at Winga Early in Day

The Girls always had a line

She is wating to put stickers on you

She Signs him


The Girls Sign away on photos

Those are Wing Fans

The Girls Sign for everyone

Rachel hands him a card

Rachel Talks to a Little Girl

Rachel Signs a guy

Rachel talks to little boy

People in Line for photos

Rachel Talks to Crowd at Winga

People love wings and beer

People Love Wings

Rachel Signs more on the guy

Rachel Ready to sign

One of the Girls Fans

Rachel Signs

Rachel Chats it up with a fan

Rachel hands off one of her photos

Rachel talks to son and father

Little Boy Hooter Girl Kiss Two

Jessica Laughing

Jessica Blows on the Card to dry the Sharpie

Jessica and Rachel Sign

Little Boy with Calendar Girls

Jessica does not want the signature to smear

Jessica and Rachel Sign Away

Jessica hands card to little boy

Little Boy Hooters Girl Kiss Four

Little Boy Hooters Girl Kiss One

LIttle Boy Hooters Girl Kiss Three

Jessica Ready to Sign

Little Boy Hooters Girl

Little Boy Loves his Autograph

Looks like she is giving him a tramp stamp

Jessica Signs photo















Jeff White From Cave Big Woodie Smoker Team with the Girls







Hooters After Party She is a Tiger Fan

Hooter Girls Go over Variety of Wings

Hooters After Party she is Mizzou front and back

Hooters Girls Ready for Winga

Hooters after Party Mizzou Theme

Hooters Girl Signs his neck and he is happy,jpg

Hooters Girls pose with the Guys

Hooters After Party for Winga Mizzou Style

Hooters Gets Wings Ready to Serve

Hooters Girls on the Hunt to Sticker People

Hooters Girls Serve Wings

Hooters Girl Signs his neck

Hooters After Party Go Mizzou

Hoofers Crew at Winga

Hooters Girl With Buffalo Wild Wings

Hooters Girl uses signs neck for guy

Hyvee Serving Wings

Hooters Girls Hunt with Stickers

Hooters Girl Signs guy his buddies love it

Hooters Girls Pose with a fan

Hooter Girls and Hooter Dudes Serve Wings

Guys love their pic with the Hooters Girls

Fusion Team

Famous Daves at Winga

Everyone wanted a pic with the Hooters Girls

Great Crowd at Winga

He Sneeks in for a pic with the Girlsjpg

He loves his picture

Famous Daves Mascot

Guys come by to get a photo signed

He loves being signed

Fan Poses with the Hooters Girlsjpg

Guys he really likes the wings

Crowd gets those signatures

Big Crowd for Winga

Crowd comes to the Booth

Cartoons Booth

Coolest Mom in the world gets cards for son

Challengers Team

Another Winga Crowd Shot from Air

Calendar Girls Stay Busy Signing

Boy gets both calendar girls to sign for him

Buffalo Wild Wings Crew

Bowlin Set Up