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Featureflash /     SI Supermodel Bar Refaeli is having some issues with Israel’s tax authority.  They say she did not report millions she earned including a car.  The one universal truth is that no matter


Darth Trump

Stefano Buttafoco /     I am not trying to be political with these videos one way or the other.  The first video features Darth Vader Clips….Replaced by Donald Trump Voice.  The Second video features the


CMA Awards 2015

DFree /     The CMA Awards show last night with Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood….Love the Ashely Madison Jingle that Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood Did.     Singer Kacey Musgraves Performance last

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We had a great Time with Jamie McMurrary at McDonald’s On Chestnut and the West Bypass.  Thank you to everyone that came out for this awesome event!!! All Photos By Sara Carter click here to contact her

Victoria Secret Fashion Show

They are the company that masters selling so little for so much…Victoria Secret has their annual fashion show tonight on CBS at 9:00 PM <a href=”″>Anton Oparin</a> / <a href=”″></a> Click here to see the complete video

Pink Viagra

This is a parady for the new Pink Viagra.  The idea is to get a Viagra for women…..they already have that.  It is called chocolate

Charles Manson to Marry

One of the Most Famous Killers in world Charles Manson is getting married.  He is 80 she is 26.  She looks like Susan Atkins one of the original girls in the “Manson Family” click on the link

The Cruise for Crosslines 2014

The Cruise for Crosslines was great this year.  Was great to see everyone.  Thanks to the Greene County Sheriffs Department for helping with traffic also thank you to Fair Grove Fire and Police for their help with

Halloween The Movie

It was going to be called “The Baby Sitter Murders” but with a budget of only 300,000 they had to cut corners and instead had to make the entire movie shot in one night.  They went with

Haunted locations in Missouri

If you know someone that believes they live in a “haunted house” or they believie they are seeing “ghost” check for what is called EMF.  This is electro Magnetic Field and is an issue in older homes

Halloween By Hotties

Every year the costumes are always the “sexy” and they run down every costume in the world that you can think of.  Check out the Halloween photos by Chuck at Ephoto.  Chuck is an amazing photographer and

Winga Coming up November 8th

Wingapalooza is coming up November 8th at the Springfield Expo Center.  Click here to read all about it.  Thought I would post some photos from last years event.  Click on the photo to see pictures from last

New Subway Halloween Ad

Subway has made some national news with their new ad featuring “Sexy Costumes”.  The idea behind the ad is eat right and you can fit into the costumes.  Some of the national media has has been bashing

Selfies for the Homeless

In the age of the Selfie it is not a shock that someone would come up with the idea of using a good looking bikini girl taking selfies to raise money.  The selfie part of this is

The Tether Incident

This is video that has now come out on you tube from “The tether incident” with Nasa.  They were trying to deploy a tethered satellite system until the tether broke.  The crew of the shuttle says what

Lexi Thompson

Lexi Thompson is the LPGA youngerst champion.  She is now doing a bikini photo shoot Golf Punk Magazine.  They call her  “Sexi Thompson”  Golf Stars have really changed. This is an ad she is featured in with her

Revenge Porn

With all the Celeb nudes coming out the big buzz word is “Revenge Porn”.  This is where a guy or gal post nudes of their EX or themselves having sex with an EX.  I think that is

Jaws from James Bond Dies

Richard Kiel who played “Jaws” in the James Bond films has died at age 74.  He said that he was always known best as “Jaws” after the film came out.  He said he would wear a hat

13th Anniversary of 9-11

Thursday is the 13th Anniversary of the 9-11 Attacks.  I will never forget that day as long as I live.  I saw the second plane hit live on the Today show that morning.  I could not believe

Joan Rivers Passes Away at 81

Everyone has the celeb that they just can not imagine passing away…for me that is Joan Rivers.  She has always been a forever constant in an every changing world.  Rivers passed away today at age 81 .

Star Wars Audition Tapes

Their is a video of a clip from the original Star Wars floating around that features Han kissing a girl before we meet his character for the first time.  Fans have named her Jenny.  I love Sci

George Strait Live Album

Country Music SInger George Strait has finished his final tour.  “The Cowboy Rides Away” tour ended with the largest concert in world history in Texas.On Sept. 16, he will release “The Cowboy Rides Away: Live From AT&T

Ice Bucket Challenge

Everyone is doing the Ice Bucket Challenge this is former President Bush….I think this is the best one I have seen. This was mine. I have to tell you that if you are going to do this

Don Pardo Dies

Don Pardo the voice of Saturday night live has died at age 96. Known for being the voice of thisshow and many others. He was the original voice of the price is right He was the NBC

Ice Bucket Challenge Fails

You have seen the ice bucket challenge on Facebook.  Now even super models are doing it now.  The thing is this does not always work out well.  Click on the video to see Ice Bucket Challenge Fails

Fourth and Loud

Gene Simmons has a new TV show on AMC tonight.  Fourth and Loud follows members of KISS as they start a Football Team in LA.  I am not sure how the show will do but I know

RT 66 Car Show

Had a Great Time at the RT 66 Car show over the weekend on the square.  Love car shows you never see two cars that are just alike.  Click on the photo see the pics

Bike Nights Through the Years

With everyone talking about Sturgis this week thought I would feature some photos from Bike Nights through out the years that the Cave has done.  Click on the photo to see those. Click on the photo below

New Hardees Commercial

Hardees has a new commercial “I love Texas” that features Hannah Ferguison from SI swimsuit and Paris Hilton.  Hannah is a model that grew up in Texas.  The commercial keeps with the hot girls eating Hamburgers that

More Sturgis

Sturgis week continues with Motley Crue and Alice Cooper playing tonight at the Buffalo Chip.  The Chip also has a swim area that they make use off each year.  Click on the video to see last year

74th Annual Sturgis Rally

The Biggest Motorcycle Rally in the World Sturgis is going on right now.  I have never been but I can imagine how huge it is.  They have places in the Town that are only open this week. 

Walking Dead at Comic Con

Comic Con this year featured a panel with “Rick” talking about the upcoming season of the Walking Dead where he says it will be rougher than before……that is a amazing….Dead people eating people in Prison and killing

Cool Fireworks

Over the weekend most of us set off fireworks or watched displays.  This is the first video I have ever seen shot by a drone inside the fireworks.  Very Cool

Miss Delaware Too Old!

Miss Delaware has been told that she is too old for the pagent and has had her crown removed.  She loses her $$$$ even after the they failed to catch the age on her entry forms.  She

David Fish Swimsuit Workshop

This weekend Photographer David Fish held his annual swimsuit workshop at Table Rock Lake.  One of the photograhers at the even was Chuck from Ephoto.  Ephoto always does outstanding shots  you can follow on facebook click here. 

Casey Kasem the end is near

The most famous DJ in the World Casey Kasem is in the final stages of life.  His daughter Keri Kasem had stopped food, water and medicine because doctors said it was painful for him to get those

D Day Anniversary

Today is the Anniversary of D Day.  70 years ago today a huge day for WWII.  I put together some footage clips from this event.  Thank you to all the WWII soldiers and to those that lost

Slave Leia

Carrie Fisher said she would have rather played the part of Han Solo rather than Princess Leia but she did enjoy the scene where she killed the Hut.  That costume has become pop culture gold!  Thought I

Rebecca Grant Goes Viral

Rebecca Grant is a sports reporter in LA.  She has done things for Fox and ESPN.  She grabs her boobs at a Clippers game and the entire country goes crazy on social media.  I really do not

Boat Crash

It is just about Boat Season so I thought I would share a video from You Tube from a Boat Crash.  Watch how everyone goes all over the place.  I am amazed nobody got tossed out of

Star Episode VII

Star Wars Episode VII Cast has been announced. Original Star Wars actors Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher — who played Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia, respectively — are back on board, as is

Mayflower Ark

The photos remind me of Joplin several years ago.  Mayflower Ark took a direct hit from a tornado tonight Click on the video to see air shot right after the tornado went through

Pool Tricks

Anytime I try to get into a pool game this would be the guy that I was playing against.  I would lose my shirt in a game with this guy.  Click on the video and watch the

Mo State Pen-Haunted

Several people including a lot of the “Ghost Shows” believe the Mo State Pen in Jeff City is Haunted.  This was the old Mo Pen and many of the Paranormal Shows have done features on it.  I

Blood Moon

Photography is a hobby of mine….but so is sleeping…..this was the early morning Photos from April 15th.  This is the “Blood Moon” these photos are from Kevin Lighty at KSPR 33.  Kevin did a great job on

What is Going on With AC/DC

Nobody knows for sure what is going on with AC/DC.  The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that founding member Malcolm Young has returned home to be with family.  Lead Singer Brian Johnson told a Florida Radio station

MO DOT New Toy

MO DOT New Toy looks like something out of a Bond Movie.  This is a real story and it looks like they have bought two of these things to use in Work Zones.  I hope this thing

Ultimate Warrior has died

WWE Legend Ultimate Warrior has died.  He collapsed walking his wife to the car and died soon after.  He just got into the Hall of Fame and just the other night was on WWE.  Last night a

The New Star Trek Phase II

I have always been a fan of Star Trek.  This is Star Trek Phase two.  Set during the same time of the original series with different Characters.  Not a huge fan of this because I would rather