Lunch With A Hero

104.7 The Cave knows there a lot of heroes in this world, but no one is a bigger hero than our Veterans! Mike The Intern would like to personally thank each and every Veteran that he can in the Ozarks. So if you have a Veteran in your life, it can be a family member, a neighbor, or even a co-worker, sign them up by filling out the form below. Each week Mike The Intern will take a Veteran out to lunch on Wednesday at the American Legion Post 639, The LZ, on South Scenic with 104.7 The Cave!


Lunch With A Hero

Sign up a Veteran in your life. It can be a family member, a neighbor, or even a co worker. Each week, Mike The Intern will pick a veteran to take to lunch at the American Legion Post 639, The LZ on Wednesday with 104.7 The Cave


  • Mr. Intern is a great guy to gobble grub with. Conversing with the fine fellow while feeding the face at American Legion Post 639 was the highlight of the week. He is a good listener and conversationalist. He answered questions about the radio business from his insiders viewpoint. Golly shucks… if I was a youngun’ instead of a decrepit withered old coot I would consider a job in radio. I definitely have the face for it. A face that ensures no TV station would hire me!!!

    I encourage all you other vets to fill out the form and take a stab at being called to receive a free meal and a great experience talking with Mr. Mike Intern. He’s a heckuva’ great guy!!!

  • Ron Jackson

    Mike, I nominated 2 people who are right in touch with the Veteran community because of their jobs. Stephanie is the Team Leader at the Springfield Vet Center. Rob is the Outreach Specialist at the Vet Center. Please consider, both of these fine individuals, for your Lunch with a Hero honor. Thanks, Ron Jackson Post 639.