Some Photos I took of Kylee from Springfield at the David Fish Photo Workshop this summer.  You might find her in your tree stand in the woods Kylee loves hunting and fishing.
Kylee in Black and White
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Kylee shows she a a Heartbreaker

Kylee with our sign

Kylee Relaxed by the Pool

Kylee Ready to hit the pool

Kylee relaxed at the pool

Kylee in the water

Big Smile from Kylee

Smile from Kylee

Kylee is a real Heartbreaker

Kylee in the Water

Kylee ready for a swim

Poolside with Kylee

Kylee by the pool

Kylee with the RV

Kylee with her hat at the Pool

Kylee on the Ladder

Kylee next to the Pool

Kylee Relaxed at the Pool

Kylee with our Sign

Kylee in the Water

Heartbreaker Kylee

Kylee Posed with our Sign

Big Smile from Kylee

Kylee with her hat ready for the pool

Kylee in Black and White

Local girl Kylee by the Pool

Kylee showing off Cave Shirt

Kylee sitting on our sign

Kylee at the Pool

Kylee catching some sun at the pool