Libbi Wins St Louis Calendar Contest
Libbi from Hooters in Springfield won the Motorcycle Calendar Girl Search in St Louis. She not only got a place in the Calendar...she got the Cover too....some photos from Roland Hauhe from the Contest.
Libbi Ready to Ride
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Libbi Ready to Ride

Libbi poses with a bike

Libbi poses in Red with a Bike

Libbi Puts Reaches for Trophey

Libbi Poses with Girl after she won

Libbi with the other top gals from the Contest

Libbi Poses with one of the gals

Libbi Sporting the Leather with Bike

Libbi in Red Bikini

Libbi poses in red bikini with bike

Libbi waves to the crowd at the show

Libbi decked out in leather at the contest

Libbi talks with MC at Contest

Libbi on the bike after she won contest

Libbi Getting on Bike in Leather

Libbi poses on bike in leather

Libbi plus two makes the top three

Libbi on Stage at the Contest

The Girls are excited about the contest

She believes less is more

Contestants from the Back

The Girls at the Contest

She is ready answer questions

Girl showing off the Booty

Libbi on the right with other contestants

Big Smile from Blonde

All the ladies from the Contest

She is ready for the questions

Girl in Black and Whitle

She looks like she is ready to rock the contest

Girls on stage at the contest

Girl Poses on a Bike at contest

The Booty Shot from the Contestants

One of the girls on stage

Girl in the Blue answers a question

Blonde in Blue on Stage

Blonde in Blue Loves the Stage