4 Wheel Jam trucks
Monster Truck Facts:
*Average Monster Truck Burns a Gallon of Fuel per second

Treacherous Tires
Each monster truck uses Goodyear or Firestone tires, more commonly manufactured as flotation tires for earth moving equipment. The tires are 66 inches high and 43 inches wide. The average cost for these tires, brand new, is $1,800 each.

$1,500 each - The complete shock price includes a coil over kit, the spring and shock. Coil over is being surpassed by nitrogen charged shocks which run about $2,000 each.

The rough exterior is made of fiberglass. The fiberglass company generally owns the mold for standard vehicle makes. The cost totals nearly $2,500 for standard pickups. However, a custom design such as that used by our monster trucks increases the cost dramatically. It cost $20,000 for the initial mold of Wild Thang but the cost dropped to $5,000 for each remake.

Each vehicle must be painted to cover the rough fiberglass body. Complex airbrushing logos and specialized artwork add to the cost. The cost of painting can be anywhere from $2-7,000.

Repairs and maintenance on the monster and the hauler, fuel for the beast and the hauler, racing uniforms, lodging and food can run in excess of $120,000 per year.       

The General
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The General

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