Yearbook Hint 05/30/17

Today for the Yearbook we’re looking back at 1980! We’ll hear music from Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, and Rush! This image is all you get for your hint today.

Yearbook Hint 05/26/17

Today we’re taking a look back at 1978! We’ll hear music from the Stones, Journey, and Bob Seger, and learn some new trivia. The theme for today’s yearbook is amazing women from history – particularly one that

Yearbook Hint 05/25/17

Today for the Yearbook we’re looking back at 1985! Lots of exciting things happened that year… like the release of my favorite movie of all time. It has everything you could ever want in a movie –

Yearbook Hint 05/24/17

The year on the yearbook today is 1970! We’ll go back in time with hits from The Guess Who, The Allman Brothers, and more. Here’s your hint: Stripe, Gizmo, etc. Tune in for the Yearbook at noon!