John Kimmons

Pool Tricks

Anytime I try to get into a pool game this would be the guy that I was playing against.  I would lose my shirt in a game with this guy.  Click on the video and watch the

Mo State Pen-Haunted

Several people including a lot of the “Ghost Shows” believe the Mo State Pen in Jeff City is Haunted.  This was the old Mo Pen and many of the Paranormal Shows have done features on it.  I

Blood Moon

Photography is a hobby of mine….but so is sleeping…..this was the early morning Photos from April 15th.  This is the “Blood Moon” these photos are from Kevin Lighty at KSPR 33.  Kevin did a great job on

What is Going on With AC/DC

Nobody knows for sure what is going on with AC/DC.  The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that founding member Malcolm Young has returned home to be with family.  Lead Singer Brian Johnson told a Florida Radio station