Keys to the Kingdom

Avid Kansas City Chiefs fan, Mike The Intern gives you a look into everything going on in the Kingdom. He will include highlights, interviews with players and coaches, and more!



Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom 10.23.20

Mike The Intern shares a prediction from a Broncos fan on the Chiefs/Broncos game on Sunday!

Keys to the Kingdom 10.22.20

Mike The Intern talks about Who’s Hot in the NFL and where the Kansas City Chiefs sit on the NFL Power Rankings.

Keys to the Kingdom 10.21.20

Mike The Intern talks about the Player of the Week, Travis Kelce with Mid Missouri Bank!

Keys to the Kingdom 10.20.20

Mike The Intern talks about the TDs for Charity with United Plumbing and the record Patrick Mahomes broke against the Bills on Monday!

Keys to the Kingdom 10.19.20

Mike The Intern talks about the signing of Le’Veon Bell and the injury report for the Kansas City Chiefs!