It’s been 35 years since the broadcast of two Chicago TV stations WGN-TV and PBS member station, WTTW, were interrupted with a bizarre fake Max Headroom. I remember Max Headroom when I was a kid, but I have only heard about this broadcast hijacking this year.

The first hijacking was on WGN-TV, it lasted only 30 seconds before the station was able to regain control. The second hijacking happened on WTTW during an episode of Dr. Who. What came next was 90 seconds of weirdness. Click the link below to watch the video.

A criminal investigation conducted by the FCC in the immediate aftermath of the intrusion could not find the persons responsible, and despite many unofficial inquiries and much speculation over the ensuing decades, the culprits have yet to be positively identified

Both Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion incidents took place on local Chicago television stations on the night of Sunday, November 22, 1987.