Things from our Brain

The Scratch Episode #6

Mike The Intern and Joe Westin talk about live music!

Record Store Day 2019 with Stick It In Your Ear

Mike The Intern and Erik from Stick It In Your Ear talk about Record Store Day 2019!

The Scratch Episode #5

Mike and Joe talk about finding new music in film!

Ned Sports 2.28.19

Mike The Intern and Ned Reynolds talk sports!

Ned Talk 2.21.19

Hear Ned, Joe, John, and more talk about sports on the local and national levels!

Bull Blast 2019

Mike The Intern has Wayne West from the Bull Blast to talk about this weekends events!

Lunch with a Hero 2.13.19

This is Ted and his wife Joanne. Ted served in the Navy from the late 60s till the early 90s. Hear his story tomorrow morning during my show at 8:45. Thank you so much for your service!