Resurrection Sunday

After seven years the legendary Resurrection Sunday returns to the radio airwaves on 104.7 The Cave. The immensely popular show that features underplayed music from Classic Alternative music’s history got it start in 2001 on the Cave’s sister station Q102 and ran until 2014. The time is right for the show’s return.

Hosted by Joe Westen, with his huge catalog of music-the show will feature well know artist like R.E.M., U2, INXS, Depeche Mode and The Cure. The program will also feature familiar but “lost” classics from Alternative Rocks rich history. Joe has a deep passion for this music, and it comes through on air. He has collected records for 42 years and been apart of the local broadcasting scene for 37 years. Joe has a deep connection with the music and people in community who listen. Joe served as the music director for the infamous “Planet” radio station here in Springfield and is the host 104.7 The Cave’s “Saturday Morning Vinyl Club Show”.

The show will return to its original time slot Sunday morning’s 8 to 10 on 104.7 The Cave with one major difference-the entire show will be on vinyl. Sunday morning’s turn left of the dial for Resurrection Sunday on 104.7 The Cave.